Wimzig’s Whimsy: I am Reborn!

It feels…strange. The sensation of death undone. I remember nothing, yet my goal is clearer than ever. I serve the ebon hand, and I fight for them until my last breath. I fight for those I have lost. I fight for those who have lost me. I am a Death Knight, a pawn of the scourge, reformed to deliver cold vengence. Hated by many, merly tolerated by few. I accept my destiny to take arms against Arthas in his quest for power.

A mage no more, but the ice still flows coldly in my veins. Frost I shall remain, now and forever.

4 thoughts on “Wimzig’s Whimsy: I am Reborn!

  1. I feel like I comment on all of your posts with nothing but, “Hell yeah,” but, erm, this blog gets me pumped, so…

    Hell yeah!

    To be clear, is this Bashertin reborn or a whole other gnome?

  2. I’ve hear rumors leveling a frost Deathknight is hella hard. Good luck.

    But a true necromancer class would be awesome. I love my unholy specced deathknight. Me and my ghoul have long deepful discussions on the taste of Taurens. LOL!

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