Level 74!

I’ve made about 200g selling ports to Dalaran (EDIT: 310 now, but newer figures are periodically updated on the blog banner) No lies. It helps to be one of the first mages to hit 74 on US Arygos. There are about 2 or 3 ahead of me, but I don’t mind staying back to make some nice coin. The inner goblin tells me to go for the gold, not the glory!

Tomorrow or sometime this weekend, I’ll be putting up some Northrend AoE guides as well as Frost boss strats for the first few dungeons that I’ve done so far.


3 thoughts on “Level 74!

  1. I really fancy aoe grinding on my frost mage but can’t seem to find anywhere good to do it. Done some at the ships in Tundra but it’s a max of 5mobs per ship which kinda sucks :(. Post your guide soon please!! 🙂

  2. We’ve been trying to create some sort of organized pricing in regards to ports on my server. However it all goes to hell once some moron is like “I’ll do it for 2g!, then everyone will come to me!”.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on AoE grinding in Northrend.

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