The Scarlet Dawn

In a land plagued by undeath, one individual makes her vow to restore life, and another seeks to understand it. But a corrupted organization stands in the way of their goals in the…

Leyola Swiftwillow, a druid with a storied family history, makes a name for herself by enlisting with the Argent Dawn in their fight against the Undead Plague.

Wimzig Wintersprug, a gifted gnomish mage, seeks to discover his place in the world by embarking on a journey to find a cure for a disease that afflicts his cherished race.

Little do they realize that fate will cross their paths. In the midst of a recent plague wrought by the Lich King, Arthas Menethil, this unlikely duo will have to learn to work with each other as they uncover a grand conspiracy that threatens to destroy all of Azeroth.

Will they succeed? Only time will tell, as they strive to prevent the coming of…

The Scarlet Dawn

Featured only on Frost is the New Black, from November 1-30


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