A Sunday Hangover Post

I went to my cousin’s Halloween party. Got pretty wasted. I’m still at his house, and I’m quite sure that I’m going to miss my guild’s afternoon raid.

I told an officer ahead of time that I might not make it, so they know if I’m not there. And it’s TK, so I’m already saved anyways (hence, why I got pugged by another guild the night before).

But back to the party. I went as Super Mario. It was pretty nice. Ran into a Link, that was pretty cool.

This one guy dressed up as a demon, and his girlfriend dressed up as a sorceress. I kept laughing in my mind that maybe they went as a WoW warlock/demon couple.

Thinking about it a bit more, I suddenly noticed that my hatred for warlocks has waned somewhat over the course of the latest patch. Perhaps it’s because they got nerfed somewhat with the new patch, or maybe I recently added a lot of warlock blogs to my RSS. But as it stands now, I’m actually tolerant of them, and respectful of them. Gotta update my power rankings.

1. Mage – Duh, by default this is a lock.

2. Druid – Moonkin form is my favorite non-mage dps caster class. My favorite healing class as well!

3. Shaman – Same as druids, except I’m kinda blah about their healing. Maybe I should level one to the point where I can use chain heal. That might change things.

4. Paladin – hrm, I’m starting to see a trend here. Maybe I’m a closet Hybrid lover.

5. Priest – I don’t care about their healing abilities. I’m a fan of shadow spells.

6. Rogue – My favorite melee dps class, which doesn’t mean much since I’m a caster type.

7. Warrior – Tried levelling one on Bleeding Hollow, but now it’s a bank alt.

8. Warlock – By default, they’re supposed to be a lock for last place, but iunno. I kinda feel sorry for them now.

9. Hunter – I love good hunters. Too bad I can’t seem to find one in-game. Too bad I’m not one myself.

Unranked, Death Knight – expect this to shoot up to #3 or #2 when Lich King hits.


3 thoughts on “A Sunday Hangover Post

  1. With dual-boxing I have a mage escorting a hunter to level 41, where the hunter will partner with Wonzy (my priest). When they reach 60, I’ll boost the mage and roll him a Death Knight companion.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mage/DK takes ALL of my playtime when Wrath is released.

    Regarding the Priest/Hunter: I hate Huntards with every inch of my soul, but I just… can’t… stop… My brain says no but my heart says YES.

    Druids are by far my favorite class, but for some reason I’ve yet to play one past the starting zone.

  2. The jury is still out on whether or not I’m capable of it. It seems difficult but doable, though it’s reaaaalllllly hard to learn when zombies keep killing all the class trainers and there’s 7 seconds of lag before every action.


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