Dr. Phil Can Kiss My Gnomish Butt.

Feel free to play along.

1. Do you feel that you need to play online games as a way of dealing with anxiety or depression in your general life?

No. I blog about it instead. But guess what? It makes me feel better than any video game ever could. And since then, I haven’t been depressed or anxious lately, so screw you Dr. Phil.

2. Are you preoccupied with gaming so much that you are distracted from the priorities in your life, such as relationships, school or jobs?

School is not yet. I got warned once for blogging at work. I stopped doing so, and less than a few days later, got a work duration extension. Up yours, Dr. Phil!

3. Have you lied to your friends or family to conceal your obsessive thinking about gaming?

I’m out of the WoW closet actually. I’ve skipped a family get-together once or twice for a raid, but I stopped on by as soon as it was over.

4. Do you get restless and irritable when you are away from gaming or feel that you are restricted from your next gaming event?

Not so much irritable as I am tired, but that’s due to reading in bed for a long time after the computer is turned off. I’m reading the WoW books again. What can I say? I have a particular Knaak for wow lore! /BADPUN

5. Have you attempted to stop or cut back your gaming behavior, but failed because of the anxiety, depression or general stress you experience?

Never tried. Never needed to. Went on a trip to Boston for a week or so, and didn’t go crazy. Omg, I’m actually kinda normal? o.O

6. Do you feel you need to play online games because it gives you the self-esteem and confidence other activities don’t?

I don’t play games to give myself self-esteem and confidence. I get my self-esteem and confidence from elsewhere, then apply it to my games. You don’t know me, you Freudian Fraud!

7. Have you lost or damaged a relationship, such as affectionate, sexual or parental connection because of your obsession, lying or distorting your behavior of gaming?

I have postponed a date to do a podcast, but oh my goodness, I’m actually going on that very date this weekend? What has this world coming to? I desperately need help!

And besides, it’s YOUR twisted view and prejudice against gamers that make you assume that we all have these weird anti-social tendencies. Here’s a middle finger for your birthday Mr. Phil. /middlefinger

8. Have you diminished your goals, such as grades, sports, money, etc. because of your obsession with gaming?

I have diminished grades because I’m too lazy to put in an effort to study. But appaently to some people, a B-/C+ average is considered diminished grades. And this was before WoW, and it hasn’t changed since. At least I’m smarter than you, Dr. Phil, you jerk!

9. Have you lost or damaged job opportunities because of your obsessive gaming behavior?

I’m still in school, and I have been paying for my own tuition since second year! And that was amidst nightmarish time sinks such as Harvest Moon. But wait, what? Harvest moon actually teaches you how to manage your money and become a decen budgeter? What a miracle!

10. Have you lost or damaged family and community relationships because of your gaming behavior?

If “Kriz, you’re a weirdo” counts as damaged family relationships, then holy crap I need to go ahead and skulk in a corner for being a weirdo and a loser in life! Dr. Phil, you can go shove it. Actually, never mind. Come over to my house so I can eat your brains!


Yawn. What a joke. If anything, I’ve actually become a better person after wow and even moreso after the blog. This was a waste of time for me, but I just wanted to make a point that Dr. Phil thinks he knows gamers. So instead of turning this into a self-defeatist post about having no life as a gamer, I turned it into a retrospective, with lots of self-link love for articles that I remember fondly. Think of this as a follow-up to the anniversary post, under the guise of a rant aganist a lunatic know-nothing baldface.

I actually shouldn’t say bald, or else Wimzig would beat me up. Or turn me into a penguin.


5 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Can Kiss My Gnomish Butt.

  1. Oh, there’s nothing like a good rant written out of rage. I loved this!!!

    And what’s wrong with a little bit of self link love? My 200rd post is coming next week, wednesday probably. And I won’t go and hide myself in a corner… No links though.

  2. Dr.Phil is my mortal enemy, he is the mongoose, to my cobra.

    Anywho Congo rats on the milestone. I love the blog. I took some time off WoW, for WAR. Thinking about starting WoW back up for the 80 grind, and get my frost mage out of cold storage…

  3. It’s always the people who have never experienced a game like WoW who condemn it. I don’t know if it’s just fear of them being old and not understanding the way things are changing or what. I can’t help but think that if you were a baseball fanatic or something and spent your free time doing fantasy baseball, watching baseball games, and collecting baseball cards that they would say you have problems… after all they understand baseball.

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