Friday Five: Leyola’s Lore

I love Fridays. It means another F5 from Too Many Annas, and it means I can take a bit of an easy breather with regards to blogging and with what’s going on in the World of Warcraft. Today I’m going to feature Leyola Swiftwillow, since it’ll be a good exercise to think more about her character as I prepare for her story in November.

What is your character most proud of?
Leyola is proud of the accomplishments of her parents, two veteran Druids from the third war. The both of them survived and played a crucial role in the battle of Mount Hyjal. As a Druid herself, she aims to live up to the reputation of her parents.

What traits does he or she really respect in another person?
Although it may come off as superficial at times, she is fascinated by the family histories of others. Whether it be a long line of nobility, or modest traditions (such as the Wintersprug Emporium), she respects those who wish to extend and solidify their family tree (somewhat coincidental for a person who spends most of her time in the form of a tree).

Does your character have any titles, and if so, does he or she actually use them?
Leyola currently is not experienced to be able to carry a title. If she were ever awarded one, she would proudly wear it.

Is your character looking to get any recognition through the new system of achievements?
As a Druid, she is compelled to gain the utmost recognition from the Cenarion Circle and Cenarion Expedition. As a healer of the land, she wants to travel all around Azeroth, preserving and restoring every inch of the land that she desperately wants to protect.

In her travels, she was told a particular folktale of a human named Leroy who valiantly took on a room of Whelps and…well, perished. It was the wat the story was told that amused her so much, resulting in her deep empathy for this tragic hero. Hearing of such an achievement now motivates her to succeed where he has failed.

When the time comes, she’ll be prepared. She even has chicken.

What’s one silly, irrelevant, or otherwise not in character achievement that you think you’ll get, even if your character would NEVER do something like that?
Leyola does not have a penchant for exotic and/or alcoholic beverages. She prefers the purity of water, but has a terrible feeling in the pits of her stomach that someone could easily influence her otherwise. A particular gnome comes to mind, but she feels her self-discipline will prove effective against the offbeat, yet calculating logic of said gnome.


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