3.0.2 Blizzard AoE Dummy Test – 3.3k DPS

Essentially, I went to Theramore, and stood in the middle of the 6 dummies near the castle. My rotation was [Frost Nova, Blizzard, Blizzard] x 3, as to simulate an AoE grinding sequence.

See the Recount below. Note that the relevant stats are 18% crit with Molten Armor on and ~1k spell power.

50% crit rate CONFIRMED. Freaking sweet. Kings of AoE? I think so.

Went all out on Curator, but managed to discover that Ghost hit was indeed removed in this patch.

10% miss rate confirms it.

Overall, about the same damage as before; but once I hit cap, that shouldn’t be such a problem.

In a way, I’m a little too lazy to gem/gear up some +Hit…Maybe I’ll respec arcane for fun. Everyone’s into Frost nowadays, and Larísa’s gone back to her standby with fire, so maybe Arcane would be a nice chage of pace. I don’t know what I’ll ever do without Squirtle, being there for me almost half the time.


2 thoughts on “3.0.2 Blizzard AoE Dummy Test – 3.3k DPS

  1. Yeah. In my search for some +Hit, I’ve respecced into both fire and arcane, and they seem to even out in DPS if you get used to the rotations! But yeah, I’m loving frost as well.

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