3.0.2 Frost First Impressions – AoE

So um, blizzard can crit now.

I crit my mobs for almost 1k damage, which occurs 50% of the time btw, thanks to Frost Nova/Shattered Barrier.

Plus Fingers of Frost procs. Which procs essentially every tick of blizzard if you have enough targets in your blizzard.

Even if Fingers of Frost doesn’t proc, all mobs still get winter’s chill. +10% crit and you still have about half your blizzard left to channel. Assuming you don’t proc FoF. Which is often btw.

Oh, have you seen these new glyphs? Like Glyph of Frost Nova, which increases the damage taken by mobs before a Nova breaks? Seems like it’s good enough to keep them rooted to take TWO CRITS before breaking.

Oh, what about Glyph of Blink? Farther Blink means extra time to get hit by blizzard. More Procs. More Crits.

Unless Seed of Corruption was a lot more OP than I am led to believe, I have no problem being convinced that Mages are once again kings of AoE.

I’m critting almost 1k, but I think I already said that. And that’s only with barely under 1k spell power.

Bah, realm went down. Can’t get back in, stuck on loading screen. I think I’ll go to bed.

…Well maybe a few more minutes. /swoon.


One thought on “3.0.2 Frost First Impressions – AoE

  1. It’s so awesome. I’ve been running around all day AoEing everything in sight just to see those wonderful crits pop up… this nearly makes up for the 51st talent point.

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