Wimzig’s Whimsy: A Different Kind of Debate (Part II)

((The Canadian Election draws to a close today, and the Polls have been open since this morning. I shall uphold my civic responsibilities and vote at the Catholic school down the street from my house. Makes me wonder which party Rip and Matt are voting for, if at all.

In the spirit of politics, therefore, here is the second part of my neat little roleplay debate between Leyola Swiftwillow and Wimzig Wintersprug. Part 1 can be found here.))

Krizzlybear: Welcome back to part 2 of our debate between RP alts! We have Leyola Swiftwillow and Wimzig Wintersprug in our presence today to debate the merits of their existence in my stable of active alts. My time is limited, and I need to decide on a hierarchy of playing time between alts, especially with the looming addition of a Frost-specced Death Knight to the ranks.

Wimzig: Speaking of active alts and limited playtime, you seem to be hiding the fact that you’ve started another alt, Mr. Kriz.

Kriz: *chuckles nervously* Yeah. I’ll admit it. I started a Paladin on US Bleeding Hollow.

Leyola: Such blasphemy! Here you are, torn between the two of us, and the only way you could decide is to just abandon us altogether? How could you!? /disgust

Kriz: I’m sorry, Leyola and Wimzig! I’ve just been active on another server because I am currently spending some time with Breana’s guild, just to get a sense of what it’s like.

Wimzig: Breana? That Dwarf chick who apparently loves guns? I have nothing against Dwarves. They’re quite kind and hospitable. Believe me, I would know! I wouldn’t think Ley would take kindly to Dwarves though, or any other race for that matter…

Leyola: You are mistaken, Gnome! Unlike most of the elder Night Elves, I don’t harbor any feelings of mistrust to your kind or others. In my journey, I have develloped an understanding and respect for all the different races that I met.

Kriz: So the two of you are okay with the existence of a Dranei Paladin in our stable of alts?

Leyola: No. I still don’t forgive you for doing that.

Wimzig: Unlikely. Religion just ain’t my thing, buddy!

Kriz: Well, fret not, the two of you. Kryz, the Paladin is merely a placeholder member for Bre’s guild. If things keep going along nicely, I will either put the Death Knight in there, or server transfer Leyola and Bashertin, all made possible with allowable PvE to PvP transfers.

Wimzig: I for one welcome our player-killing overlords.

Leyola: If that’s what the master wants, then I won’t object.

Kriz: Well, I’m glad we settled that matter. But either way, the two of you are still going to compete for playing time. Continuing our little debate, please tell the readers and I what you plan on doing for patch 3.0.

Wimzig: Have you visited Stormwind Harbor yet? My goodness, that place is an architectural wonder! I’m quite sure that there will be people there “looking for contact” who I can talk to.

Kriz: Indeed. There’s potential encounters abound wherever new content is added, particularly in regards to capital cities and towns. Leyola?

Leyola: I think I will remain specialized in Restoration spells. I look forward to being able to cast Healing touch while in my Tree of Life state, amongst others. This will definitely be an exciting learning experience.

Kriz: Well, I’m looking forward to both of those things that the two of you mentioned. It certainly makes my decision even more difficult. I could always just split the time between the two of you more evenly.

Wimzig: If you analyze the situation, you can certainly conclude that there is a niche for all of us. If you want to DPS, Bashertin is your guy. If you want to heal, Leyola is the lady for the job. If you want to tank it out, Mr. Gnomish Death Knight will provide his services when the time comes. I’m always good to experience Azeroth through characterized interaction with its numerous denizens.

Leyola: That’s a good point, Wimzig. You are actually quite smart for a gnome.

Kriz: Do my eyes deceive me? My toons are actually getting along?

Leyola: Well, at first, it seemed to me that Wimzig was the kind of person who wouldn’t interest me. He’s a little too different from me for my liking. But I suppose if given certain situations, that sentiment could disappear quickly over time.

Wimzig: As they say, Krizzlybear, opposites do attract! I learned that from observing others. If anything, Ley and I would make quite a team! We could go around solving mysteries and stuff! It would make for an awesome novel!

Kriz: omg…

Leyola & Wimzig: …what?


*Hugs the both of them*

You know what!? Forget about playtime and stuff! You two will be just fine! BUAH HAHAHA! *runs off to plan out his NaNoWriMo*

((LOL! OMG, I just realized what I am going to do for NaNoWriMo! I’m gonna write a story that takes place in the Warcraft universe, and use the two of them as main characters! Seriously, I JUST thought of this as I wrote the post, so I’m actually super excited! I’ll see y’all again soon!))


2 thoughts on “Wimzig’s Whimsy: A Different Kind of Debate (Part II)

  1. Kriz, that was full of win!

    I am so happy to read you got an idea for your story ^_^

    I hope the experience in BH has been good so far!

    It has been great fun to have you around.


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