So it was inevitable

yeah, it was inevitable that I would end up getting smashed at someone’s house during the Canadian Long Weekend (HAPPY TURKEY DAY MY FELLOW CANUCKS!) But it was another thing that I ended up with access to someone’s computer and take advantage of internet access to post something meaningless and random.

But no. That’s not living up to the responsibility of a blogger who actually has a readership. A small readership, but a readership no less. Did I ever tell you guys that I love you guys?

So um, staying on topic with the nature of my blog posts, let’s talk about 3.0. You know, that thing that’s coming up on Tuesday, but I’m going to be at work to miss most of the download. I’ll leave for work in the morning, turning on the computer and leaving it on for the background downloader to do its thang, but at work, I’m just going to be all “OMG I NEED TO GET HOME AND SPEC!”

So here are a few things that I’m looking forward to in 3.0, and Wrath in general.

Fingers of Frost. Free fireballs are pretty neat. And it’s not like they’re going to be totally gimped. With the merging of all sorts of damage and healing stats into a universal Spellpower stat, my Frozen Shadoweave set will definitely be gimped, but at the benefit of making all my other non-frost spells that much better.

Student of the Mind. Supposedly, Spirit is the new Stamina. Either your mana regeneration is going to go wayyy up, or your spell damage is going to take a considerable increase. But in a tree with Arcane Meditation, I find it VERY convenient that this talent goes right before the tier with AM.

Feck. Some guy is kicking me off. Part 2 on Monday, followed up with my Frost answer to Gnomer and Larisa’s final thoughts on the big bad battle of the Mages!

I apologize for my conduct.


One thought on “So it was inevitable

  1. The tenacity it takes to be a blogger, I applaud you. I’m sure knowing that you have a readership, no matter how small, is a wonderful motivator when it comes to making posts. The hardest thing for me some times is writing posts when I know that no one will read them.

    I really enjoy your stuff though.

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