True Story

I called this girl Wednesday. She’s a very cool person, who I haven’t seen in a long time. We’ve been chatting it up a lot on msn and on the phone lately, but it never reached that point where I could ask her out to coffee or whatever, until a few days ago. Here’s how the conversation went, approximately:

“So um, I was wondering if you were available anytime soon. I would love to go out with you sometime. For coffee/drinks/whatnot.”

“Sure. When are you free?”

“I’m free anytime after work. What’s a good day for you?”

“How about this Friday?”

“Oh. Well, I’m actually a bit busy. I have a podcast recording that I happen to be a part of. It’s at night, but I still need to set up the computer for it.”

“Aww, too bad. Well, I’ve got midterms afterwards, so let’s put it off for two weeks for now then.”


I felt like a total nerd afterwards. It’s not really a date or anything, but this is as far as many dorky guys go with regards to interacting with females, and I put it off for two weeks because I had a “podcast” to record. TOTAL DORK, ANYONE?


The squeaky little sneak that I am, I managed to “persuade” Bre and Fim to squeeze me in on the live recording of their upcoming blogcast, which happens tonight at 12:30am EST. I appear out of the shadows somehow for this episode. I suppose there’s a little bit of Rogue in me. I anticipate a great show, even if I end up d/c’ing multiple times.

You can catch the live show on the TNB Ustream show, use the password tnb73 to get in. Check out the official announcement at the twisted nether website for further details.

Cute girls come and go, but blogcasting is serious business.


9 thoughts on “True Story

  1. Way to play hard to get. At the end of two weeks she will be starving for your sweet sweet loving, full of self-doubt and vulnerable. Playah!!!

    Grats on the podcast.

  2. yeah, you want a girl that will be impressed by how geeky you can be.

    Also excited to hear a mage voice on TNB. Reprezent!

  3. Bah! I never get the hang of the timezones… your strange northamerica times. I guess this was broadcasted this very morning to me, I may have missed you with about 10 minutes if I’m right.

    Lookin forward to hear the result next week anyway.

  4. You’ve got to have priorities my man. As a married man I will give you some wonderful advice:

    Do not start putting off and giving up things that are meaningful to you or a creative passion of yours. You’ll never get them back.

    Besides, two weeks isn’t that long, you’ll be fine =)

  5. @sonny: not exactly hard to get. we’re both well aware of each other’s intentions.

    @aurdon: just did the cast yesterday, and it was really fun. i come off sounding a bit like a noob, but i hope y’all enjoy it!

    @larisa: appreciate you looking out for me =) but you have nothing to worry about. she’s not interested in the stuff i do, but respects me for doing so and being open about it.

    @puggy: well, we still keep in touch through phone and such, so it’s not such a big loss.

    @funeral: i do have my priorities in check. i committed to appearing on the blogcast before i got a chance to talk to her again, so i didn’t want to let them down. besides, she was really cool about it.

  6. @Krizzly

    I just wanted to clear up that I wasn’t saying you “need” to get your priorities in line. I was complimenting you on sticking to your commitments.

    When I came back and read my original comment I realized it may have come across in a way I didn’t mean.

  7. Oh. That makes a lot more sense. Considering the “Besides, …” part of the previous comment, a second glance at that confirms what I had originally thought. Thanks for the warm wishes, lol!

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