Friday Five: Not Exactly Ideal for Living Arrangements

Cop-out Friday Five response! Anna has her F5 up, so here’s my response for both Wimzig Wintersprug and Leyola Swiftwillow.

1. What does your character’s living room look like? (If they don’t have a stable home, describe an inn room that he or she has rented steadily.)

Wimzig is constantly travelling from place to place in search for customers. After a long day of business, he unwinds at the nearest inn. Recently, he has been seen in the Thunderbrew Distillery, in Kharanos. Unfortunately, it was Brewfest at the time, so he can’t exactly remember what the room looked like.

As a druid, the great outdoors is a natural home for Leyola. Despite recently re-rediscovering her more animalistic talents, She’s always trying to restore the beauty of nature. The last place that she has rented out recently was a wooded area east of Everlook, in Winterspring. The foliage of the evergreen, contrasting to the blanche of snow, is an appealing and homely sight to Leyola.

2. Does your character have any pets?

Wimzig keeps a prairie chicken as a companion. The chicken’s name is Doug, and is often subject to Wimzig’s various antics. Most notably, he was vomitted on during Brewfest, a memory that Doug does not want to keep for too long. Why he remains faithful to Wimzig is a mystery. Most likely, it’s because of the prospect of more feed from the vendor from Saldean’s farm; it’s the reason he joined, and likely the reason he’ll stay.

Leyola does not keep any pets, but tends to the various critters that she meets on her journeys. She would never harm a living thing, unless it didn’t belong to the order and balance of nature.

3. Does your character collect anything? Is that collection of any value to anyone other than them?

An avid hydrophile, Wimzig obsesses over the quality of water in the places he visits. He likes to keep samples of the local water in tiny vials that he keeps in his pockets, for the purposes of examining later on with his self-created Hydromatic Qualitificationator.

Leyola has a fondness of seeds. Many species of seeds make for valuable reagents for her druid spells, so this hobby tends to save her the trouble of going into town to buy said reagents from vendors.

4. Does he or she have any “side” jobs or professions, other than their class and/or talent professions?

Wimzig’s main non-class/profession job is water vendoring, but he has a few side interests that generate periodic spurts of income. Namely, his hydromatic qualitificationator finds a few tainted samples originating from the inns he visits. A frank discussion with the inkeeper regarding threats to report said inn to the Azerothean Health Ministry often results in a free stay for a night or two. In a way, Wimzig’s exploits make him notorious to inns as a maverick health inspector.

Other than her two main professions, Skinning and Mining, Leyola has no other jobs. Her income is steady enough that she can afford to focus on her task at hand as a restoration druid.

5. What would you find in his or her sofa cushions?

Wimzig is always travelling, so the various sofas in inns he visits will vary in sub-cushion content.

Leyola is at home with nature, so sofas are not a part of her furnishings.


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