Some Choice Words

1. Wordle

As in, I has it!

2. Lunacy

Not the Darkmoon deck. But the type that you are. I’ve joined Bre and the others in the absolutely nutso writing thing. I haven’t written fanfiction in a VERY long while, so this is another opportunity to get back into writing, original fiction or fanfiction, or otherwise.

3. Frost

Something was missing in my quest to become totally epic frost. And I just realized that I’m missing myself a Winterspring Frostsaber. Yep. From now until the expansion, I will be grinding Frostsaber rep, so I can get into Northrend with style. Forget about the Champion of the Naaru or the Zul’Aman Bear Mount. You just can’t spell frostsaber without “frost.”

4. Roundtable

Well, technically it’s supposed to be round table, but I wanted to continue the theme with headings of only one word. And well, if I used one of the two words, it just wouldn’t make any sense. So um, yeah. I’ll figure it out, how to invite my uninvited self into next week’s roundtable blogcast. We’ll see. We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Some Choice Words

  1. Oooh, writings? I’m most excited! Make sure to throw some of that stuff up on here either during or after when you polish it!

  2. Wow. Krizzly did you see that comment from Breana… Does this mean that we’ll FINALLY get a mage blogger appear at Twisted Nether? It was about time! They seem to have a crush on hunters and healers, don’t they?

    Promise me you’ll talk from a mage perspective now, not another druid one, please…

    Make us proud! I know you will.

  3. @bre: Contact page, yeah, i know. It’s just that work is quite fickle with the way blogger works, and I doubt that wordpress will be an improvement. However, I am very much considering transitioning over to a more customizable interface.

    @cyn: the great thing about nanowrimo is that polishing need not apply. the goal is just to hit 50k words, and that’s it. that doesn’t mean that i won’t be posting snippets of what i write. however, for access to the entire manuscript, it may be best that i keep that under private access settings; how that can be done is currently under discussion in bre’s nano group.

    @lar: you really have a thing against druids, eh? haha, let’s see if i am able to set up my computer for this event in the first place, then we’ll see how things go from there.

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