It’s A.D.D., but for bloggers.

If I were to call it anything, I’d call it that. This blogging A.D.D., combined with a bunch of stuff that came up at work today, resulted in this effect in which where I wanted to write up a draft of a post, but absolutely hated it, or thought it covered a bunch of other topicts that I wanted to post seperately. So I went from draft to draft, idea to idea, perhaps writing over three to four thousand words worth of deleted paragraphs and quotes.

Blah, that’s the life of a blogger sometimes.

So here’s my cop-out for “today,” until I get home from work and work on a post for tomorrow.

RE: Fun, Responsibility, and Group Dynamics. Where do you fall on the matrix?

Think of a graph. X axis is motivation, Y Axis is the responsibility you take upon yourself. For maximum success in a group, each member needs to be at the top right sector of this matrix. You need to be both motivated to perform your role in a group, and know how how to do it properly. If you find yourselves in other sectors, you need to think about how you can improve yourself to get into that top right.

Not motivated, not responsible – These individuals are the ones who go afk, who always blame other roles whenever the group wipes, who never bother maximizing their performance, or know how at all. There is simply no hope to change their mindset instantly; you’re better off excluding them from your group.

Motivated, not responsible – These players are those who are eager to play their class, but don’t fully understand their role mechanic in relation to the other roles in a group. “Huntards” are common examples of this class, but not all individuals of this kind end up improving in any way. They are often eager to learn, but are shunned by more experienced players because of their lack of skill. All it takes is a simple tip here and there to improve performance, and this individual’s motivation will continue to grow alongside their knowledge of their class.

Not motivated, responsible – These players are simply bored of their role, or don’t want to do it, even though they know the insides and outs of what is required for their task. They’ll half-ass it, and will probably end up doing their job. Regardless, they are bound to make mistakes, and when they do, they simply don’t care. Dealing with these individuals is quite tricky, but essentially involves communication regarding what their goals truly are, and establishing an understanding of what the person wants, and how to get there.

Motivated, responsible – These players are the first ones to the summoning stone, giving tips to newbies who happen upon their group, or are raid leaders themselves. These are the ones who thrive on challenges, always improving their performance. They stand out, and become coveted assets to their guilds. If you run into these individuals, you will probably want to add them to your friend’s list.

If you happen to be one of these individuals, you need to start blogging!

((Blah. That turned out to be a bigger edit than I originally planned. That just goes to show that you simply cannot rush a post when you have 10 minutes until hometime.))


4 thoughts on “It’s A.D.D., but for bloggers.

  1. I’d argue a little otherwise. Fun and responsibility can combine. It’s part of the reason that I prefer healing roles to DPS roles or five-manning on my hunter instead of raiding. I find having responsibility means that the challenge increases, which to me is fun. The difficulty would be in categorizing what is fun-inducing responsibility and what kind of responsibility makes you want to pull the plug on your computer in disgust!

  2. I was thinking the same thing on the way home actually. Now that I am home, and I think the word that fits better is motivation. This is definitely a topic that I would like to pursue if I didn’t have blogger’s block today.

  3. The question is if motivation is the same thing as “fun”. I’m not sure it is the way the healers speak about it (the lack of “fun” they have). They’re sort of motivated, but it seems that they’re overwhelmed by the responsability and forget about the playfulness, the things that entertain us and make us smile.

    Anyway: looking forward to see you rant a bit upon the subject!

  4. Motivated, responsible > Not motivated, responsible

    Depends on the day/night how much we are being screwed over.. whether the PCBH has come into play

    Biggest issue is that at "Motivated, responsible" it is easy to get frustrated by people in the other quadrants.. and when that spills over….

    I smell Drama Lama

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