Hi, I’m Krizzlybear, and I’m a Manaholic.

EDIT: As in, mana-a-holic. Damn you, Chu. *sigh* lol

audience: Hi Kriz!

As a mage, I’m normally used to chugging water in between battles with monsters from the twisted nether. As a result, I have become dependant on water for my mana-replenishment needs, to the extent that I’ve even conjured water for myself even when not in battle. I’ve snuck a bottle here and there, and realized my addiction.

But I have realized the error of my ways, and it’s been about 8 days since I last had a skin of water, and so far it’s been a success.

*audience ooohs, ahhs*

But, my friends, I must confess. I’ve died way too many times for my own good. Not taking Ice Barrier and other talents that improve the snares of my spells have taken a hit on my survivability!

In Kara, I died 8 times leading up to Curator alone, not including raid wipes. Some of those were from AoE pulls leading up to Moroes and Curator. Almost half of them were form failed attempts to kite Moroes adds and Strawhead. After Curator, there were plenty of early deaths in Netherspite simply due to not being able to keep Ice Barrier up.

*audience mourns the numerous weekend deaths of krizzlybear*

Fear not, my fellow Drinkers! I have found the error of my ways again! And found a way to improve my survivability but remain non-dependant on those cursed conjured consumables! Behold! THE IMPROVED NO-MORE-DRINKING BUILD!

*audience oooh’s, aahhh’s*

Did you see how it’s different from the previous build? Let’s take a look.

1 point from Winter’s Chill moved to Frost Barrier: 4/5 Winter’s Chill is good enough to keep stacks on the Winter’s Chill Debuff, so the free point IMMEDIATELY goes to Frost Barrier. Similar to how a Frost mage depends on Water Elemental for offensive purposes, the same mage, to the same degree, relies on Frost Barrier for defensive purposes.

I don’t know how I overlooked this in the first place. I guess I was too busy spamming Frostbolts and not going out of mana. With Frost Barrier available, the mage with Arcane Meditation can now afford to keep it up on every cooldown, saving precious mana spent by healers, as well as reducing knockback from attacks from adds.

2 points from Improved Frost Nova to Permafrost: Sounds a little counterproductive, but hear me out. From a kiting perspective, the increased snare gained from permafrost increases the time it takes for a mob to get to you. Spamming rank 1 frostbolts while strafing and blinking and Jump Blasting will completely make up for the 4 seconds added to the Frost Nova cooldown. In most cases, you only have to use Frost Nova only once anyways, before the kited monster gets killed, so this is a worthy trade.

Also, since I’m not even trying to get into Shatter, IFN no longer needs to be taken by default.

I really wish that I could add at least one point in Improved Blizzard for the snare effect, which stacks with Permafrost. Maybe I’ll take out another point in Winter’s Chill, and really pray to the RNG gods that my stacks stick. But oh well, that’s a bullet that I’m willing to bite in exchange for Ice Barrier and Permafrost.

*audience applause*

And that, my friends, is my personal tweak to 18/0/43, modified to stay alive longer, so I can continue to drink less and pew pew more.


7 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Krizzlybear, and I’m a Manaholic.

  1. Haha, it’s a wonderful way to disguise a theorycrafting post about a mana conserving guild.

    Actually I’ve been trying to cut down my drinking habits a bit the last few month – not crying for mana pauses after every single pull, but accepting and dealing with that you’ll have to find ways to manage your mana through several pulls. You don’t die from chewing a mana gem every now and then, evocating when there’s plenty of time left to the boss fight or just nuking a few frostbolts waiting for mana to come back and AB debuff to war off.

    The excessive mana drinking I used to do was more like a tic, a nervous habit I think.

    So I’m a manaholic…. no sorry, mana-a-holic, recovering.

  2. Hello. I am Desdarii and I too am a mana-holic.

    Oh and I heard all yer questions on the latest twisted nether. Yer like a super star and stuff now!

  3. *paranoid look* shh, des! my druid project is super-secret! definitely explains the lack of activity on both Bashertin and Wimzig. But Nobody knows that yet!

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