How Do You Expect Me to Follow THAT Up?

Well, how? Simply put. HOW? Double-digit comments, guaranteed, and as of this draft saved up for tomorrow (which actually is in about 10 minutes, technically), it may have already happened.

Yes. I could have highlighted the entire paragraph and made it into a giant link, but that would not thoroughly express the link love it deserves.

Seriously Lar[ALT+161]sa, I even ask YOU, how do YOU follow that up? Do you even know what you have done to me? I can no longer look at a blog post without evaluating the ethos, logos, and pathos found within it. Let me demonstrate by showing you what is pictured in my mind as I browse the internether during a typical day.

Hot damn! It’s like that scene in the Matrix where they’re all looking into the computer monitor, and sees the world as a screen full of 1’s and 0’s. Good Job Larísa, I hope you’re happy. I know I sure am.


6 thoughts on “How Do You Expect Me to Follow THAT Up?

  1. Oh dear, what have I done?

    Seriously, I’ll have to write some really crappy posts quick. Just to ensure people have the right expectations from my blog. To guard my blogging freedom. Because that’s what’s so sweet about being a non commercial blogger, independent of numbers and ads and stuff. You can blog and explore this media and one day you just hit it and the next one you don’t. There really is no pleasure. And do you know something. Once a blogger has got my love and respect it’s hard to get rid of them. There are a few blogs which I follow regularly, which I fell for because of one post months ago. And after that there haven’t really been any hits like that. But I keep coming back, because I know what they’re capable of and I never loose hope they’ll come back to it.

    This drawing was the sweetest thing I ever saw… But I as well as others dwell in the corner from time to time. And it’s OK! But it is nice when bloggers dare to change corner from time to time. So that the total covers all three aspects. Even though you don’t manage to cover it all in one single post, you can do it over time.

    Long ranting comment here… Just one last thing: my special thing above the “i” letter: I don’t know how your keybord looks. For me it’s a simple thing. I just hit the apostrohpe key at the top row far to the right, just to the right of questionmark and plus, before I hit “i”.

  2. Oops… Now I got it wrong. Of course there’s pleasure about blogging. That’s the whole thing after all! I meant there’s no pressure!!!

  3. Ohhh lordy, I can see one of those chains of long and wonderful posts coming up, spreading from blog to blog like wild fire (or maybe flowers)…

    God I love these moments.. the anticipation….

    Ohh and I loved the pic’s too!

  4. Pressure in blogging comes from expectation. I myself do have expectations from my blog. I need it to make money to pay for my hosting and domain name. Also my aim is to make it so that it pays my petrol money 🙂 Other than that I blog because I enjoy the community and I enjoy seeing the visitor numbers and subscribers going up.

    About the viral post… count me in!

    samownall – WOW Blogger

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