About This Sunjun Guy…

You know who I’m talking about…the chinese commentor that spams people’s blogs (I think blogspot users are the only ones who seem to be affected) with Chinese text and such. He’s quite the peculiar fellow. I’m going out on a limb and assume that the majority of people in the blogosphere do not know how to read chinese characters. It’s one thing to have to deal with spam, but it’s another to just sit and stare at a wall of “WTFISTHATGUSAYING!?!?!”

So, to educate myself, I have run his comments through some online automated translators, and see what exactly he had to say.

For example, on Ratshag’s post on how he could never follow instructions, Sunjun eloquently points out, with the help of babelfish:

“East Wenling the big assembly line transports the plant is engaged in the non-sign equipment design, the production, to sell and to serve a body’s enterprise, the main product includes: The production line, spreads installs wiring, dustlessness room equipment, the welding apparatus, the decontaminatin unit, the non-sign equipment, and the physical distribution system fitting and so on.”

Ah. I see. Sunjun, my dear friend, I do wish you luck in the future. May your assembly line transports engage in many non-sign equipment designs, and your non-sign equpment and distribution systems be fitting…whatever that means.


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