This Blog is About Death Knights, Too!

Well, frost-specced death knights anyways. As much as I love Bashertin, my 70 frost mage main, I am eagerly looking forward to frost knights when Rich King (it prints money!) comes out. In a way, I’m already set on levelling one to 80 alongside Bash. I still haven’t decided on a name, unlike other people, but I’m sure that I am interested nonetheless.

The reason why I haven’t posted anything about death knights and wrath is that I simply don’t know enough about them to make any sort of opinion about them. By default, I love them, and regardless of how broken or OP the class (and spec) will turn out to be, I will keep him at least as a secondary main, or my highest priority alt, whichever one makes the most sense.

Another reason is simply due to the fact that the level of anticipation that I have for the class is just so much that I have spoiler-proofed myself from the class, other than initial information that was revealed at Blizzard’s event in France earlier this summer. Other than that, I really have no idea of what’s going on with them.

Oddly enough, I spend a lot of time looking up information regarding frost mages in the beta, but not death knights. While I don’t want to be spoiled of information with dk’s, I don’t mind reading up on the progress of mages as each new beta build is put up. If it makes sense, I presume it’s because of my invested interest in the mage class, and my high hopes of Blizzard making progress on tweaking the class so that it stands out on its own against other classes. With death knights, I haven’t gotten a chance to play them or invest time into them, so I have this blank slate that I want to retain when the game comes out, so I can have a fresh experience with a potentially awesome class.

Don’t worry, I still love frost knights, but I conveniently have enough patience to wait for the time to come so that I can play them. And once I get my hands on one, you can be rest assured that they’ll have a good chunk of attention on this blog.


One thought on “This Blog is About Death Knights, Too!

  1. From what I’m hearing, Frost Mages should get along very well with Icy Death Knights.

    If it turns out to be true, and I find myself less than impressed by the DK class, I may respec my mage to Frost and see how he compliments my friends’ DKs.

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