Frost Mages own Alterac Valley

See that? That’s 4 Frost mages defending our general against perhaps 10-15 horde, simply by spamming blizard on that bridge leading to the general’s base. We also had a sweet Tree druid rolling HoTs on all of us and a few melee classes weaving in and out of the chaos to finish off strgglers. Hunters generally did the dirty work on offense. Not exactly a successful zerg against the RH, but eventually they found a tank and took down the horde general dude while Alliance fell to the 200’s in reinforcements.

And the reward for pwnage on defense?

Now that’s winning with style.


2 thoughts on “Frost Mages own Alterac Valley

  1. The best I can ever manage is a “fake” Blizzard.. it’s the blizzard you get without any of the damage or slowing effects.

    Still it often makes the Horde turn about and run in the opposite direction.

  2. Wouldn’t ya know it. BRK made a good point the other day that you can easily scare off lesser-skilled invaders simply by putting a hunter’s mark on them. I could see how the same intimidation tactics of 4 blizzards can hold off a larger number of enemies.

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