Learning from Other Classes

I started up a hunter last night. I’ll reveal him to you via screenie once he gets his pet. Looked up a bunch of stuff from BRK’s site as well as Pike’s. In particular, I made great use of their jump shot tutorials. Got all the way up to 7 for now.

After a bit, I logged back onto Bashertin, and noticed a peculiar thing. The Jump Shot works for mages as well! Go check out BRK’s and Pike’s videos, and replace the words Arcane Shot, Concussive Shot, and/or Serpent Sting with Fire Blast and/or Ice Lance, and presto! You just learned the “Jump Blast,” or “Jump Lance” technique!

Taking today off to work on my fanfiction. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve totally neglected my current story. As amateurish as I am with my writing, I do have a bunch of people who do subscribe to that particular story, and have started rioting over a lack of updates. So yeah, see ya on Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Learning from Other Classes

  1. BRK’s blogging and movies have often made me enthousiastic about the hunter class. But every time I log onto mine I find it boring (It’s not the pet thing as I loved levelling my warlock). But I hope you have fun with him and find him more exciting then I find mine.

    And the note on fire kiting is actually quite intruiging. I hope I can remember it for the next time I log onto my mage (if I ever do that :P)

  2. @ evil: well, it’s not really fire kiting. you’re predominantly using frost spells to slow and snare. fire blast is just used while you’re in motion to increase your damage output.

    @andrew: the jump shot allows for the use of instant-cast shots while you are running away from a mob. it works pretty much the same way as casting while strafing, but space limitations might require you to turn and run. a jump shot rotation of arcane shots, serpent stings, and concussive shots will keep the opponent at bay, and allows the hunter to kite the mob that he’s attacking. what i meant to say in my post is that the mage can do the same thing with fire blast while he does his own frost-based kiting.

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