Wimzig’s Whimsy: The Joys of Fishing

((Ok, normally today would be a Kara post, since I do Kara on Thursday and Sunday. But it’s become a routine to me, so I find it very boring to write about. When we called the raid after Curator, I logged on to Wimzig for a few quick rounds, and some fishing before I go to bed. Wouldn’t you know it, I had my first group RP experience! I hope you enjoy.))

Fishing is quite the mystery. If you spend a few moments in silence while fishing, you open up your ears to everything going on around you. How remarkable it is to have moments of omniscience, simply by sitting down with a long bit of string tied to a rod.

I was wandering the canals of Stormwind, taking a reprieve from my exploits in Westfall. As much as Gyran Stoutmantle expects of me to dispose of those Defias thugs, A beginner mageling like myself needs some time to let the mental mana replenish. So I sat myself down to lay back and reel in a few.

Not too distant behind me, Violan Hale, a quaint, unassuming Human, and Zacariah Maxwell, a Priest of the same race, happened to be fishing nearby.

I suppose that they were having a moment to themselves, chattering and giggling about things inaudible to me. But curious little gnome that I am, I was intrigued to learn more about the two, and I may have crept a little too close to the pair.

“Is there anything you want, gnome?”

“Oh nothing, just looking I suppose.”

Oops. Was I supposed to say that?

((Oops. Was I supposed to say that?))

In a flurry of dialogue, it appears I was shoo’ed by the priest to a corner of the dock, beside the nearby fishing trainer. That man was supposed to be a servant of the Holy Light, right? So why am I under the impression that his manners were no lower than that of a blasted trogg?

Oh well, they continued on by their lonesomes, whispering sweet nothings, Violan playfully teasing her partner regarding his absurd ability to fish, as well as his comparative smell. I giggled inwardly as well; serves him right for banishing me to this side of the dock.

After a few handfuls of caught fish (and Journeyman fishing to boot! *Flexes mini-bicep*) Zachariah approaches me and apologizes. Violan appears beside him, holding him calmly by his hand. Ah, the wonders of women. They can sure change the way men think and act, especially when they’re under the influence of love!

“Hail, friend…Sorry for before.” he says, and continues:

Oh boy, that one never gets old. I should really work on my reportoire! I suppose there are a few book at the Stormwind Library about jesters and comedy. I guess when I wake up tomorrow morning, that’s where I’ll go.

I parted ways with the two of them, genuinely convinced that they probably needed some time alone. As I settled into my bed at the Gilded Rose, I thought of the two of them. The young lovers that they were. I thought of my own love.

Did I forget to mention that I have a wife waiting on me in Tinker Town? She’s a wonderful lady of just as many seasons as I. A gnome at my age is quite lucky to have a faithful dame as her to hold the fort while I find new opportunities for enterprise in the world of Azeroth. She’s quite supportive, and as silly as a gnomish woman could be.

I guess Violan and Zach reminded me of former days. Young love is quite fascinating to experience first-hand, but even more fascinating to witness amongst those around you, even those who you don’t know too well!

Until next time, farewell, fellows of the internether!


One thought on “Wimzig’s Whimsy: The Joys of Fishing

  1. Oh my gosh. Okay. Hi! I was just curious as to what came up when I typed in “Violan Hale” (my RP character on Scarlet Crusade”) and BAM! Here I am! Hello! That was a neat little RP that we had. 😀 I hope you still RP a little bit! ^_^

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