This is Real Life

There have been stirrings on the internether regarding many real-life issues and events that effect those who spend time playing the game and writing the blogs. Pike already noted about the death of a player in her realm, and the memorial that was held in that player’s honor. BigRedKitty yesterday announced that what was once a child-to-be of him and his wife, was not meant to be. These two individuals are widely adored bloggers, and the pangs of real life have stung them, if not temporarily.

In particular, though, I want to send out my thoughts to BRK, because while I may only be 22 years old, I have seen such things experienced first-hand by my uncles and aunts, friends, and others who I consider to be close to me. The pain they bear has become quite familiar to me, and I can only hope that it doesn’t happen to me or anyone else.

But the thing is, it does happen, and oftentimes it can’t be helped. So here’s a site for anyone who has experienced such losses. Just remember that it’s never the parents’ fault, and that turning to religion and spirituality can make the coping process much more manageable.

So to everyone out there, there is much more to life than experience points and loot. Let’s try to take a moment each day to remind ourselves that, so that things such as epic bows and class nerfs are secondary to our own personal wellbeing.

On that note, I’ll end my little rant here, since I don’t want to sound like too much of a downer. In the end, real life is an amazing thing despite its downsides, so keep that in mind, and have a wonderful day everyone! Hopefully tomorrow or by the end of the week, I’ll be able to post the intro guides to kiting, both single and multi-mob (via blizzard). Watch out for it!


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