WTB Magic Carpet

Go to WoW Insider. Now. It’s a freaking flying carpet mount!

Video totally related. If this were machinema, you’d have Aladdin as a Human Rogue, and Jasmine as a Night Elf Priestess. It will happen. I swear to you all.

EDIT: I guess I spoke too soon?

I can forgive the pitchiness of the person singing, it’s just so darn cute for some reason.


2 thoughts on “WTB Magic Carpet

  1. Just glancing at your blog right now, but I plan to check it out in more depth later.

    My main is an Arcane Mage, but I’ve been thinking about trying out Frost (again) for the AoE grinding.

    I’m going to add you to my blogroll and feedlist.

    Read ya later

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