I know I shouldn’t equip thee, but…

I don’t want to admit it, but even though I’m raiding Karazhan, I’m still using my Shadow Council Cowl of Frozen Wrath. I remember finding it at the Auction House, being sold at a fantastic buyout price of only 5g. I was only level 63 at the time, but the 4 levels spent lying around in my bank was totally worth it, as the jump in damage as soon as I dinged was spectacular! At +74 Frost damage, it’s the best damage headpiece that I can get at the moment, despite it being a level 67 green hat. But other than that, it provides no other good stat. And as a result, my Stamina and Intellect are seriously not as high as it should be at the T3-4 level.

And even though I’ve obtained some nice 70 blues such as the Incanter’s Cowl and the Evoker’s Silk Cowl, I still eschew them in favor for the spell damage. Am I really such a bad player that I’m willing to gimp out on 40-50 points worth of Stam and Intellect just for approximately 30 extra spell damage? As a DPS class, the stamina isn’t an issue, since I’m not getting hit for much anyways at the Kara level.

I’ve decided to not replace the hat until I get a very good epic drop from Kara. What I have in mind are probably Prince’s headpiece drop the Wicked Witch’s Hat from Opera. For now, it’s not like I’m dying or going OOM before the other casters do, maybe it’s just my playstyle I suppose? Please tell me I’m not the only one who wears a piece of “pet gear” to a raid for attachment, even though I know in my own mind that I could be wearing something better. Any thoughts?


7 thoughts on “I know I shouldn’t equip thee, but…

  1. You see, that’s what I’m saying! It’s awesome spell damage gear. I pugged a heroic SP last week, and the other guy is like “kick him, he’s wearing a green.” A GREEN. I have 3/3 FSW and he’s wearing freaking outlands rep PVP gear.

    The nerve of some people…

  2. I had to be held down and forcibly stripped of my Netherwind set. I was still using it at 70. The 8 piece bonus was so nice and the set was just soooooooooo pretty…

  3. I’m pretty much in agreement; my lock has taken a number of +stam and +int hits to don +shadow damage gear, for example, because the pew pew is why they invite me. Same for my frost mage. Our raison d’etre is the damage. So I think you’re probably gearing appropriately.

    Like zupa says, if you’re not going OOM it’s all good.

  4. You would of course be referring to an item such as this: Amber Cape of Fiery Wrath

    Which Rawr tells me is the best cape I can get for my trash set?

    Yeah, hanging onto it… though 80 most likely… seems a little strange to put subtlety on it.. so I didn’t 😉 nothing subtle about this baby!

  5. Get the spellstrike hood made.

    Hit, Crit, Spell Damage and sockets.

    There’s no reason not get BOE epics made when all you need to do is dailies to pay them off, especially when if you socket 3x9spelldamage runed living rubies, you’ll be at:

    +16 Stam
    +12 Int
    +16 Spell hit
    +24 Spellcrit
    +73 Spelldamage

    If you socket accordingly to the colors (glowing nightseye and veiled noble topaz)

    +22 Stam
    +12 Int
    +20 Spell hit
    +24 Spell crit
    +65 Spelldamage

    I think you can justify the loss of 9 spelldamage for the other stats.


    10 spellcloth
    5primal might
    1primal nether

    so.. about 1100 gold? Less if you have a spellcloth specced tailor and transmute specced alchemist at your disposal.

  6. @Chu: I seriously wish that there were more SS tailors in my realm. I honestly can no longer count the number of times I’ve hit the normal 70 instances in an attempt to farm for the tailoring recipes, but to no avail. Money-wise, I’m still saving up for an epic mount, so the hood might be out of the question. I’m not exactly gemmed out perfectly on my other pieces of gear, especially because of the fact that I want to save up for WotLK, hopefully getting my riding skill as I level from 70-80. But the advice is definitely appreciated!

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