Something to Strive For

Just when I had thought I could feel a little giddy about myself for matching Larisa’s mention on the TWB with one of my own, she goes off and one-ups me again by being the sole focus of a topic posted on WoWInsider. It’s another one of her classic posts that really makes people think. I in particular am starting to think that she’s not really a mage blog, she even says so herself!

But who am I to complain? I sorta got mentioned on WI, but only in a paragraph, and not in the same way as Lar, but like before, rather in a “omfglol @ what he wrote” sort of way (as a very witty wow-ku, actually). Not that I hate having a sense of humor or something, but I do sometimes wish that my blog would evoke more reaction than just “I see what you did there.” Maybe something serious for a change. But is it really worth giving up my blogging voice?

Pfft. Hell no.

I suppose the whole point that I’m trying to make is that I’m probably not going to become the thought-provoking type. I can’t even provoke my own thoughts for the matter. I guess I’ve just realized that Me and Lar are both individuals with our own unique voices, and regardless of the public acknowledgement that either blog will receive, we both acknowledge and respect each other with a steadfast regard. By finding the positives in others can we aim to improve ourselves. So congrats, Lar, again. I hope that one day you’ll find something to strive for from reading my blog as I have already done so with yours.


5 thoughts on “Something to Strive For

  1. What can I say but “thank you!”.
    Actually this post of yours means much more to me than the Wowinsider mentioning.

    Being mentioned there probably will get me a few hundred hits today… People who will silently look at my post and then see that it’s exactly the same as the Wowinsider one (they referred most of it). And then they’ll leave and probably never look back. And they’ll probably not comment it with a word. It gives me creeps to be honest.

    What gives me a kick is rather the interaction within the blogging community. And of course the endless freedom the blogging provides me.

    But of course I strive to improve. And your blog is definitly one of those that inspire me. I just want you to know that.

    By the way (this is a HUGE comment, it could have been written by 2ndnin who does that all the time): I just love the attitude of you americans. You see someone doing something you would like to do and you think “hey, that’s awesome! If he can do that I could do it as well!”. You inspire each other to strive for more. Where I live people tend to think: “Oh bugger. He’s so successful. I couldn’t do that. It’s no idea I even try”.

    A totally different mindset.

    Your mindset creates energy. Ours: misery. But I’m not a vicitim of circumstances ofc, I’m working on having a more New World way of thinking.

  2. Lar, I happen to be Canadian, so I don’t know much about “Americans,” but from the looks of it there doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference.

    Quick fact: Matticus is also canadian. ooOOoooh

  3. I got the feed to work now, but somehow blogger’s customization menu has been unkind to me at the office. Oh well. Thanks again!

  4. I know… I thought canadians counted as americans as well.. North american continent you know? But maybe US got some monopoly on the word. Anyway you seem to have that mindset in Canada as well.

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