Bear down.

Eagle, too.

I was messin’ around with Wimzig as soon as I got home from work yesterday, and I log onto my guild’s vent server, and it turns out they’re running ZA. Cool! So I log onto Bash to pick up some AH mail, and surprisingly get invited into their ZA group! HA! I never even signed up in the first place, nor was the event even scheduled on the guild website. Whatever, I have a few alch potions lying around in my inventory, so I decide to give it a go.

Impromptu raids are quite a first, especially when it involves new content. I was literally in windowed mode reading up the boss strats on wowhead as we were clearing trash. We downed the Bear after a few wipes due to the insane healing required from the bear form, but one-shotted the Hawk dude. Even though I could hear people calling out the thunderstorm in vent, I had ambience at 100% and everything else mute, so I could catch it personally instead of relying on vent lag.

Drops were Jungle Stompers and Mojo-mender’s Mask. We pugged a shammy healer, so the mask went to him, rightfully. The stompers unfortunately were sharded. Oh well. 3 badges in about an hour or so. Had to log after, since I have an early work day tomorrow, AND a kara. WHEW!


4 thoughts on “Screenshot: HOLY ZUL’AMAN BATMAN!

  1. Reading tactics while clearing trash in ZA? That’s quite impressive… The trash keeps me pretty occupied there… Which is very fun. As a mage you really feel more wanted there than in Kara. For once you’re much more than a bartender.
    Ayway isn’t it just a wonderful instance? There’s trash but the trash isn’t endless. You can accomplish pretty much in quite a short time (especially if you’re on timer…)

  2. @gnomer: it’s so crazy because they just decided to do ZA on a whim. however, i did get invited in at the expense of one guildie who had to afk unexpectedly. there was a bit of drama out of that, and i hate being the guy who takes his spot, regardless of whether or not he deserved it.

    @larisa: well, not DURING trash pulls, but in between. we already had another mage doing sheep, and somehow they didn’t need me for further cc at the time. but yeah! it’s so beautiful, but i prefer zul’farak above all else, even zul’gurub!

  3. Argh! Damn that mask. I want it so bad but I might have to wait now. Lost our guild feral tank which puts a small hole in our ZA group. We can fill it with another tank but he also happens to be our 3rd healer.

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