A Solultion to My Neverending Jealousy

OK FINE. I’m actually a bit jealous of Gnomeageddon’s newly purchased turtle pet spell thingamajigger. If you’re a mage, you should be jealous of every other mage who wields turtle-making powers. Don’t be afraid, there’s more of you out there than you think.

So having settled down about it somewhat during my lunch hour at work, I had quite a good amount of time to wait in line at the Taco Bell (yuck, but I had little cash on hand, and no debit card) during their lunch rush. I received my Conjured Beef and Potato Burrito after a hefty 10-minute cast time and $1.89 in reagents, and immediately found an awesome way to overhaul the polymorph system (and not with glyphs, mind you.)

Polymorph Stone
Item (Soulbound)
Use: Sets your targetted critter to become the animal form for your Polymorph spells. (Channeled, 10 seconds)

Essentially, use of the stone will have a similar effect as hunter’s tame pet, except you can use it on critters that can be found all accross Azeroth and Outlands. It binds the targetted critter to become the form to which polymorph will change a mob. This would open up an awesome window of different types of polymorph: crabs, beetles, rats, sheeps, rams, and more!

But I can only dream, right?


5 thoughts on “A Solultion to My Neverending Jealousy

  1. Nice… I like it.. I really could have a cow, just got to hit the nearest farm and pick up one of those black and white numbers…

    Or maybe just drop by Hogger… yeah I already have a pig, but I don’t have Hogger.

  2. Great Idea! that would make it easy to tell who’s sheeping what, and allow players to be a little more unique and creative.

  3. Oh, what a brilliant idea!
    Running instances with mages would be like opening a box of candy, not knowing what kind of poly that will come out this time.

    Would give us some smiles at a very low cost of programming (I guess, not knowing anything about game design).

    Whisper it into the ear of some Blizzard employee you know… I guess you know loads of them?

  4. the thing, larisa, is that blizzard likes to give excuses. the one i fear they would give regarding this sort of change is that their servers do not have the space to keep track of what critter is bound to each mage.

    yeah, it’s a decent excuse, but consider that they used that one on the more popular hunter class, and moments later they get 2 extra stable slots. go figure. [/qq]

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