Screenshot: DING! Exalted!

“I don’t think anybody will be willing to give up their Kael’thas spot to you, Bash, even if you offer money.” – Guildie

The caption pretty much sums it up. Nobody wants to give up their spot in a Kael’thas kill. I would think it’s because of the non-combat pet that he drops. Oh well. Next time I ding exalted for the first time (sigh, lol), I’ll be sure to leave out enough rep to fill out an entire instance run. Either way, the ding was pretty memorable as it was, turning in the daily like that. Snapped up a tabard, which matches nicely with my newly crafted Frozen Shadoweave Robe. Yep, it was a pretty nice weekend indeed.
Oh, and it feels kinda embarassing when NPC’s talk about you when you pass by. Hehe, *blush*

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