Dinging Exalted with Style

I am at 20,385/21,000 reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive, and soon enough, I will be exalted. This is a very important milestone because it will be my first ever exalted status with any faction. At first, it wasn’t really a goal to grind rep with the SSO; The gold reward was the incentive for doing the daily quests. With a small group of quests here and there each day, and the fact that Magister’s Terrace is easily one of my favorite instances in the game (other than the two Caverns of Time dungeons), I really didn’t notice that I was getting really close to exalted until a few days ago.

Good thing, too, because I really want to make this ding special.

I’m not sure if many of you out there listen to the WoW Insider Show, the weekly podcast that airs on Saturday, and is posted on the WI blog on Tuesday/Wednesday, but there was an ongoing topic about the epic feeling of dinging 70, whether it be for the first time, or just in general. One of the hosts of the show, the great Turpster, had levelled a shadow priest up to 70, and celebrated his ding by becoming a PvP raid boss against what I perceived to be about a billion level 1 gnomes and dwarves. Very epic indeed.

Well, I’ve thought about it, and considering the amount of weight I’m currently putting on my first exalted status in the World of Warcraft, I want to ding in a very special way as well. Tonight, I will do enough daily quests to bring me to the point where one turn-in of a daily quest will give me exalted status. The easy quests get turned in for about 150 rep. The great thing about this is that boss kills in Magister’s Terrace earn the same amount.

So, why not become exalted by downing Kael’thas?

Lore-wise, the more appropriate thing to do is to be exalted by downing Kil’Jaeden, but not all of us have the opportunity to raid SWP. If anything, Kael’thas is just as worthy of the honor of getting killed for that last bit of reputation. The first time I thought about this prospect, I think I wet my miniature gnomish pants. Of course, this would mean that I can’t participate in any of the pulls up to Kael’thas, because trash pulls and the other boss fights will make me exalted for sure. So maybe, I can ask a few of my guildies to see if they can run most of Magister’s Terrace all the way up to the big K, and have one of the DPS group members surrender a spot to me before the fight begins.

If this plan succeeds (and I think it will, because I have awesome guildies who are kind enough to do that sort of thing), I intend on taking a billion screenshots of the event, and revel in my reputation status by /dancing on Kael’thas‘ frozen corpse (btw, I think the gnomish male’s dance is the most awesome thing ever).

So yeah, I ask all of you out there in the blogosphere: is this a good idea, or the greatest idea? =D


One thought on “Dinging Exalted with Style

  1. It’s a brilliant idea! I’m looking forward to see that screenshot.

    Sadly enough I can’t recall ANY of my exalted-dings at all, I can’t even recall dinging 70. I’m really crap at really enjoying those epic moments at its full potential.

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