I <3 Frost Knights (and anything else icy like that)

If you can identify at least 3 of the individuals above, you are pretty cool. Pun totally intended.

So yeah, I want to start getting into the groove of blogging by essentially reporting about my experiences and thoughts about a frost mage, but I just want to iterate that I do intend on blogging about frost death knights as well. As soon as they’re out, I’m taking one in as a secondary main.

I can’t stress this enough: I love everything that has to do with ice. Not just Frost Mages, but everything else that I can do in a video game that allows me to immobilize my opponents in giant blocks of frozen water. It extends far beyond video games as well, I suppose. For example:

– My favorite Mortal Kombat character is sub-zero. His signature freeze move is too awesome for words.

– My favorite Batman villain is Mr. Freeze. Not just because of the whole ice thing either. His backstory is simply incredible (ie, his frozen wife, and the struggle to find a cure for her disease through criminal means), and in my opinion, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (sp?) portrayal of him in the movie was probably the only redeeming feature of an abysmal attempt of a Batman adaptation.

– My favorite Naruto Character is Haku. Yes, I’m an anime nerd, and even a ‘narutard.’ So what, big deal. His ice mirrors bloodline ability is just too awesome for words. Too bad he’s dead though.

– My main in Super Smash Bros (Melee and Brawl) is Ice Climbers. Not only the whole ice thing is sweet, but the whole mechanic of pseudo-controlling to characters at once is quite appealing. As a somewhat competitive smash player, I know how to wave-dash/L-cancel/etc., and IC’s wavedash is absolutely crazy, and the whole desynch technique is totally fun.

– Iceman is just wacky stupid. Surfing trough air by freezing water vapor? Hell yeah. Reminds me of that Ice boss fight in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. That guy was ridiculous.

So yeah, those are just some examples that show how I have this huge frost fetish. But ironically enough, it wasn’t the reason why I ended up maining a frost mage in the first place. When I first got into WoW, which was during spring break of ’08, I decided on a whim to try out the free trial that I got from buying the Warcraft 3 battle chest. I rolled a mage, simply because I really love wizards and sorcerors for that matter. I didn’t know anything about talent trees or anything, and was pretty much a total newb at the game. I selected Gnome because of the Intellect bonus, which I deducted from common sense as being a pretty important stat for mages. When I first learned frostbolt (and thus discovering the 3-school system), I was pretty much set for life on specializing in Frost. 61 talent points later, and here I am at 70, having a very sexy time doing everything frost.

Ahune was pretty much ass, I won’t lie.

But yeah, that brings me to Death Knights and Wrath of the Lich King. Ever since they revealed the 3 trees for Death Knight, I was absolutely psyched that they had a frost tree. And not only that, but also the fact that the Frost tree, for a while, was deemed as the tanking tree. As a DPS class, I love gunning things down with Frostbolt and Ice Lance. But the prospect of being able to tank with a frost-specced class is just butter on my toast. I’ve had the itch to do some tanking lately, and I also have a level 41 Bear alt named Leyola. She’s been servicing the tanking duties well, pretty much levelling up through the thirties purely in Scarlet Monastery. I’ve gotten the hang of tanking, but obviously there’s a HUGE difference between tanking in mid-level instances and endgame content such as Kara or Heroics. Considering that there’s a tank shortage in my guild at the moment, I’m really anxious to start levelling up that Frost Knight, as well as blogging about it. Even if in the end, all the theorycrafters conclude that Frost is not the optimal tanking spec, I’ll still tank with it, simply because it’s what I want to do. Of course, when Wrath hits, that could potentially mean the same thing as trying to tank with fury warrior or an enhancement shaman.

Not that I’m dissing shamans or anything; at least they have Frost Shock.


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