Hi, I’m a frost mage. Enjoy your stay, because I’m still trying to get used to the interface here at blogspot. I want to put up all those cool graphics and such, but I’m not really too big on computers, other than WoW itself. There are a few things I want to point out to everyone while I hammer out all the design specifics of this site:

1. I’m a PvE player who only just started the endgame. This means heroics, Kara, and maybe the odd BG on the weekend when I’m bored. I’m not decked out in the latest tier gear, but I do have a bunch of dungeon blues from heroics and normal 70 dungeons (and 2/3 Frozen Shadoweave, the robe coming in a few days). That, and I’m 3 points away from the hit cap, so my DPS, while not all that outstanding, can contribute to heroics.

2. I’m not looking to progress too deep into the endgame. This is for two primary reasons:
– Firstly, I’m a casual player at the very least, meaning that while I do have the time to gradually improve my 70, and be part of a 1-2x/week Kara raiding guild. This situation will obviously warrant me not adequately gearing up for high end content such as Hyjal or even Gruul for that matter. Not really a problem, in my opinion, since I certainly enjoy the game, while at the same time, am continuously making goals for myself on my mage.
– Secondly, with Wrath coming out by the end of the year, I just feel that there’s really no point in striving for anything too deep within the endgame, especially given my availability with playtime and such.

3. I am looking to shift some priority from my Frost Mage to my Frost Death Knight. Ever since Blizzard announced the Frost tree for the DK’s in Wrath, I have been pumped to learn more about the class. I love everything ice, as explained already in the first paragraph of this post. So with Ice Cube Knights coming out, there’s going to be quite a balancing act to do when Northrend opens up (and Eastern Plaguelands for that matter.)

4. I’m an avid reader of the multitude of WoW related blogs and podcasts out there. In particular, I enjoy WoW Insider, Massively, Big Bear Butt, Big Red Kitty, and a bunch of podcasts on WoW Radio. I don’t know why I’ve only started blogging now, but having the ability to read up on a bunch of people’s thoughts and insights on the issues surrounding this awesome game inspires me to put out my own thoughts (regardless of how insightful or non-insightful they may be) about my experiences in the game. This leads to #5.

5. I love Frost Mages, but darn golly there aren’t that many blogs out there about us, let alone mages in general. Why is there so many druid and hunter ones, and only maybe 1 or 2 mage ones, huh? We’re definitely one of the relatively more represented classes out there, so what’s up with the lack of voices in the sheeping community? Perhaps, we’re too busy handing out biscuits and charging 5g for Shattrath portals to even bother reading things on the internet. Whatever it is, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to just throw myself out there in the world of blogdom and just speak my mind about what I care so much about.

6. I’m always striving to improve myself as a cryomancer. Sure, we don’t have the raw dps of arcane and fire, but goodness gracious, there’s a bunch of stuff that we oughtta take care of in order to at least make a respectable showing on the DPS charts, right? Maximizing my Water Elemental, managing Icy veins cooldowns, when to Ice Lance off of a Frostbite proc, when to Frost Nova on trash when you want to squeeze that last Ice Lance, or to save the priest who pulled X from overhealing, while the others are still beating down on skull, there are just a bunch of stuff to think about. Not to mention all the individual boss strategies. Whatever I learn through my experiences, I’ll be sure to share them with you all.

With all of this in mind, I surely hope you have a good idea on how I roll, particularly when it comes to this blog. I look forward to posting more entries, and learning from everyone in the WoW online community.


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