Obligatory Blah Blah Blah

Yeah, yeah, I’m still alive, whatever.  If you follow me on twitter, you already know that I’m still around, though I’m a bit more focused on anime at the moment, trying to focus on the blog that I recently started for it.  I don’t believe that it’s getting in the way of my blogging schedule for this site, but I am finding myself with a few things to talk about with regards to Frost Magery, but I have no idea where to start.  Consider it laziness on my end, or simply being busy with other things that I feel are important.

This blog has been around for a while, and I truly wish to maintain it, but I feel confident enough that due to its age, I’ve come to acknowledge its humble following.  Baka Laureate is a new monster altogether, and is like a rebirth of some sorts in my mind when it comes to the lifestyle of being a blogger.  I’m starting from scratch again, discovering a new community of people, establishing my niche in the social network, and doing things for the sake of promoting the blog that I no longer do for this blog, such as reading and commenting on other blogs.  It feels very hypocritical of me to do so, considering that I normally don’t read other blogs.  If I had my way, I wouldn’t, but it seems like I’m doing this more out of necessity than for enjoyment.

That said, I feel justified in my actions, since I’m doing something that I feel is right for growing  the blog to the level that I feel is acceptable.  I feel that this blog is also in an acceptable position, so I don’t feel the necessity to further promote it.  I simply keep writing the way I do, and be content with both writing it in the first place, and having a number of people read it and enjoy it.

However, I am not going to just devolve this post into some sort of stream of consciousness.  I am asking for your help.  Cataclysm is a new world, and I’m doing a bunch of things in it, on other characters as well as the mage.  I am interested to hear what you think of the expansion so far, and would like to see what people want me to write about.  There is a wealth of content for the burgeoning Frost Mage or WoW player in general, so if there’s anything that you’d like to see me talk about to some sort of degree, then by all means feel free to mention it.  Leave a comment here, or simply toss me an email at the address mentioned in my about page.

The Following Post Occurs Between 7am and 8am

Well crap, I’m 24.  And I’m trying to scrounge up some stupid post that relates to the number 24.  I had some modicum of success last year with 23 skidoo.  Looking back at that, I would have wretched at myself for even considering posting something similar again.

24 is a bit easier, I admit, and finding important 24’s in the world is a lot easier than 23.  24 hours in a day.   Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant’s Jersey number.  The number of tonal notes in a western music scale.  The atomic number of Chromium!

Happy Chromium Birthday to me!

Ahem, yes.  I suppose it’s no cooler than 23.  Might as well call it a day.  But alas, I have made extra steps in ensuring that my day is excellent, I have some nice plans, one of them involving the hijack of gnomeaggedon’s blog and ninja-posting my self-glory, since it fits that my birthday would fall on the same day as his.

Oh yeah, it’s his birthday too.  *snerk snerk*

Using him as a comparison, I feel better about my age.  Somehow last year, I was under the impression he was 42, which is correct, but I had a dream last night that he was actually in his 50’s.  Scary no?  Someone that old could kick so much ass?  I’m not one to mince words.  A 20-year difference is a lot.  But for someone to make awesome posts, have a kid who’s adorable as hell, and somehow manages to get by as Fire, he’s alright in my books.  Well deserving of the mantle of May 6.

Speaking of which, my obsession with anime and budding excitement for Anime North has led me to oblige to mention birthdays of characters born on the 6th.  Look no further than Bleach Hero Ichigo Kurosaki’s sisters, Karin and Yuzu!

Sigh, it disappoints me that I have no further interest in Bleach beyond the first story arc.  But alas, they are the most relevant examples of May 6 birthdays.  There are a shitload of May 5’s and 7’s, but they stand out as sixes.

That being said, let’s cap off this pointless post by rolling out the cake and making a birthday wish.

Here’s to a year of excitement, allure, romance, comedy, and several dead Warlocks.  Oh heck, why not, here’s wishing to get rid of them as a class altogether.  *blows out candles*

Should Blog Post Titles be Posed as Questions?

The title of this post was used for ironic reasons, since this post will argue that blog post titles should be more assertive if they want to attract more readers.  That is, they should be posed as statements instead of questions.

This little blogger pet peeve of mine stems all the way back to high school, namely, first year English.  My grade 9 English teacher taught us a bunch of pointers and rules for writing an effective essay.  Organize your thoughts into a structured form with introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.  Link paragraphs and sentences together with transition words.  Refrain from using personal pronouns.

Most notably, never make the title of an essay in the form of a question.  She actually never taught us this UNTIL I had submitted my first essay of the school term.  I lost marks from what I believed to be a very strong essay simply because its title was in the form of a question.  She never said anything about it in class, but deducted marks anyway.  I relentlessly argued with her about it, and eventually convinced her that I shouldn’t be penalized for something I was not taught in class.  This somewhat ‘nasty’ experience definitely solidified that rule in my head for life.

The reason why argumentative essays have that particular rule is that using a yes/no question relating to the main thesis of the essay weakens the thesis itself.  If one is writing a post that argues one answer over the other, using a yes/no question in the title will leave the readers to answer the question for themselves.  Regardless of whether or not the reader agrees with you, your argument appears stronger if you answer the question yourself, rather leaving the reader do it.

For example, if I ever see a blog post titled “Are mages that bad in Wrath?” I will think for myself, “no they’re fine,” and skip ahead to the next post in my reader.  If that post was instead titled “The Plight of the WotLK Mage” or something similar, I would be intrigued by the title, and despite my opinions supporting the contrary, I would wonder why the author thinks as such.  I would read the article with a more open mind, perhaps even agree with some points, and be more inclined to leave a comment to debate with the author’s points.

When that line of communication is created between the reader and the blogger, that’s when the personal connection is made.  That’s when the reader gets the impression of the blogger’s authority on the subject.  That’s when the reader decides that he or she will continue reading future posts.

However, using the question format has its uses outside of argumentative thesis posts.  The only reason why blog posts should be posed as questions is to spark conversation with an existing reader base.  By using the question format, the author gives up a little bit of that authority and allows the readers to form their own theses and debate with each other.  Through the comments section, the post itself becomes a forum of sorts that allows for multiple readers to interact with each other.

An example of this would be Larísa’s wonderful blog, the Pink Pigtail Inn.  A lot of her post titles are in the form of a question, but for good reason.  She has a large reader base, and they are all often invited to have civilized debate with each other, fulfilling the blog concept of a warm inn, managed by a lovable moderator and host.

However, if you’re a new or up and coming blogger, something as simple as making your title more assertive will increase the effectiveness of your post by a noticeable margin, simply because you are arguing your points to your readers with more confidence and authority.

Just Write it, Dammit!

Here we go!  This is take three (yes, three!) of my thoughts regarding Cataclysm.  By now, everyone’s heard all the details of the upcoming expansion (the new races, new class combinations, new zones, new pairs of underpants for that marathon grind to 85), and despite the details leaked early, I wanted to wait until the official announcement before I wanted to have a say in it.  And now that everything is out in the open, I have the opportunity to voice out my opinion.

Goddamn, I’m excited.

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